Vicardio is pleased to be supporting World Heart Day 2018 through our sponsorship of The Times Cardiovascular Health Report 2018. Effective Blood Pressure Monitoring will save lives.

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As Seen On Bloomberg International and Fox News…

ViCardio and St Bartholomew’s Hospital are featured in a full 30 minute in-depth interview on the Worldwide Business Show to be broadcast by Bloomberg International and Fox News. This will begin to air on 29th September across the Globe.

Accurate Blood
Pressure Monitoring

The ViCardio device contains unique the Tarilian Laser Technologies’ sensor, which has 47 worldwide patents. The optical biosensor subtly detects biological signals to accurately monitor blood pressure.

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Freeing You From The Burden Of A Traditional Cuff

Don’t let measuring your blood pressure get in the way of your day to day life. The ViCardio device delivers a discreet, comfortable and stylish way to measure your blood pressure without the problem of a cumbersome old-fashion cuff.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

ViCardio allows you to monitor your blood pressure wherever you go with our simple and easy to use app. Our app is available for any iOS or Android device. All you need to do is download the app from App Store and you’re on your way!

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