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Posted by: Dr David Pearce

Over and above the anticipated benefits of ViCardio in being comfortable, discreet and subject to final clinical evaluation – accurate, the greatest revolution that ViCardio brings is the ability to measure regular beat to beat blood pressure in an everyday setting.

The recent change in The US blood pressure guidelines, which classify nearly half of adults as having Hypertension make the accurate and frequent measurement of blood pressure paramount.

In reviewing these guidelines in an interview conducted by the world renowned New England Journal of Medicine, Professor George Bakris, a Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Medicine, highlights that in order not to over-treat people, it is very important that blood pressure is a validated number. That the blood pressure you tell a person is not some casual thing you got at a grocery for several conditions store, but something that’s been measured correctly, methodically and is sustained, not a one time static reading.

He goes on to emphasize that the basis of therapy is lifestyle modification, on salt reduction, more exercise and better sleep. Fundamentally, everybody thinks your blood pressure is up so you need to be on drugs. That’s not true. What people need is more attention to education about diet, exercise, alcohol intake and other things. Blood pressure also needs considering in the context of other cardiovascular risk facts, such as cholesterol, diabetes, have all kinds of other things and that reading has a different meaning than if you have none of those problems and are physically fit.

ViCardio offers the ability to take multiple readings over each 30 second measurement period (one with each heart beat). This is a stark contrast to blood pressure cuffs, which only offer a single estimate, taken immediately following an unpleasant squeezing of the arm. It is obvious to most that this discomfort is enough to cause unnatural changes to the reading that is then displayed. White coat hypertension is certainly not confined to the Doctor’s office.

In addition, blood pressure changes continuously, so the ability to measure multiple, beat to beat, readings within a 30 second period along with the speed, simplicity and discretion of taking frequent measurements is a paradigm shift for those people to make those lifestyle changes or discuss their need for treatment. As Professor Bakris eludes to, Blood Pressure must be measured correctly, methodically and be sustained and not be a one time reading.

ViCardio is unique in delivering a luxury, performance, medical grade product that people can use to deliver this accurate and sustained window into their blood pressure.

Professor Bakris’s full interview can be heard on this New England Journal of Medicine podcast.